Apply a generous amount of oil onto the palm of your hands and then place directly onto the body parts you wish to activate. Using circular motions, massage the oil so that it penetrates the relevant areas and the skin absorbs the oil. Ensure that you apply the oil 30 minutes before you begin your physical activity.


Apply a generous amount directly to your skin before each ride, hike or run. If you prefer, you can place the Chamois Cream directly on the pad of your shorts and in specific areas that are prone to chafing. 


Apply a generous amount directly onto your tired muscles after each ride, hike or run. Simply work the cream into the muscle until it moisturises onto the skin. For a more intense recovery, apply this as part of a post-activity rub down or massage.

Cyclists may be wondering why any additional product is needed to improve comfort and reduce chafing because after all cycling shorts are designed to guard against this. Similarly, clothing technology has advanced for hikers and runners, so chafing should no longer be an issue, right?!

Believe us – you need that extra layer of lubrication! The more preventative measures you use, the more confident you can be about avoiding chafing, saddle sores, skin damage and much, much more. Decent quality clothing does help but we always recommend applying Chamois Cream to stop your skin becoming raw or broken because let’s face it if that happens you will be out of action until it heals (and no-one wants that!)

So, remember, Chamois Cream is a good thing and Hammerdown’s Chamois range defends against friction, saddle sores and general discomfort. We’ve even added in properties to allow it to absorb easily and fight against bacteria. Discover more in Hammerdown’s product section.

There is a big difference between the cream for men and women. Some female riders may have found this out the hard way when perhaps having generously applied a cream meant for men to their delicate areas only to find it actually burned rather than soothed.

The aim of the creams for men and women is the same, except that the ingredients have been chosen to be safe for the different anatomies. It’s possible for men to use both men and women’s chamois creams but if you are a female rider we would recommend you stick to the women-only creams. 

It is always advisable that you read the ingredients and advisory notes of the creams before application.