Mountain Biking - Nan Bield Pass, Lake District

This is a severe test, if you don't like pushing or carrying your bike it's not for you. The climb up Nan Bield Pass is well worth it for the views alone, on a good day, you can see Morecambe Bay in the South.  

Nan Bield is a tough climb and will soon have you off your bike. When you reach Small Water you have some respite but will soon be off your bike again. At the summit of the Pass enjoy the view and look at singletrack as it snakes its way down. Depending on your skill level the very first bit down may have to be walked but is rideable, but don't worry things soon improve but beware there are some boggy sections.  

When you eventually hit tarmac look for the turn off left up to Stile End and on to Sadgill this is a double track but there are some rocky technical sections to pass. At Sadgill cross the river and turn left and follow on up to Gatesgarth Pass.  

This is one of those never-ending climbs, all just about rideable if your superhuman, we walked a lot of it. Once you reach the top have a rest before descending, you will need your strength, it is fast, technical and steep in places but enjoyable and you should arrive back in the car park with a big grin on your face. 

Thank you for reading