Cycling the countryside – Fen Villages


The Fens are the flatlands around the Wash reaching inland to the edges of Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. But I’m not saying all the Fens are a brilliant cycling destination – just one part: the area east of a crescent formed by the towns of Boston, Spalding and Wisbech. 

Why ride here? 

There’s nowhere in Britain with such a concentration of tiny lanes. Just look at them on a map – they’re like the lines around an old man’s eyes and they’re begging to be explored. When you do, you’ll find some amazing little villages at the end of them, and I defy anyone not to be impressed by the huge Fenland sky.


Cycling heritage 

Nearly every village in the Fens once held an annual grass track bike meeting. Some are still going, and they are well worth a visit. Even more, they are worth competing in, although not as much as they used to be. In the good old days there were some very fast riders who did nothing but grass track races, and they made a nice extra living by selling the generous prizes they won. 

Ride it 

The Flat Out in the Fens sportive gives a feel for Fenland, although not really the particular area I’m talking about. You’ll have to discover it yourself, and the lanes really do invite you to do it. 

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